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Interntl. SEO Expert by day. Flatmate of an octopus & amateur poet by night. German-Italian striped-socks lover. Tends to prefer music over people at times. ʎ|y


  • Beth Barany

    Beth Barany

    Writing teacher. Science Fiction/Fantasy award-winning novelist. Get “10 Ways to Generate Ideas While Stuck Inside” free e-book:

  • Hans J. Even

    Hans J. Even

  • Christos Pipsos

    Christos Pipsos

  • Lukas Kurth

    Lukas Kurth

  • Michael H. Zachrau

    Michael H. Zachrau

    Digital Marketing Strategist, Tech Analyst, Lecturer, Citizen, Father, Photographer,

  • Tom Alby

    Tom Alby

  • Justcallmejillybean


    Music biz executive creating a soundtrack one day at a time. Chronic illness warrior. cats-writing-music-nature- concerts-travel-love-life-learning-humor-real-

  • SimSon BArsch

    SimSon BArsch

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