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Interntl. SEO Expert by day. Flatmate of an octopus & amateur poet by night. German-Italian striped-socks lover. Tends to prefer music over people at times. ʎ|y

Current plans for Google’s tools and alternatives for markup validation and creation

Google’s announcement that their Structured Data Testing Tool is going to be discontinued.

With Google announcing their Rich Results Test tool was out of beta also came their decision to deprecate their famous Structured Data Testing Tool(SDTT for short) in July 2020. This was followed by discussions in the SEO community, as the SDTT offered more insights into structured data than their shiny new tool. If you’re interested in a bit of history, read up on that here:


Turns out: Google listened to us! In a nutshell:

  • SDTT will not die but migrate to a new domain in April 2021
  • Focus: syntax and…

Le moi lying in bed, dreaming myself into your suitcase as you leave.
© Gianna Brachetti-Truskawa. Please do not share or copy without my explicit permission.

When you leave
can you take something
with you for me?

I am the leaf. And I am the water. Let’s dance.
Photo by Snappy Shutters on Unsplash

You are like water, he says.
When someone tries to hold on
to you, however tightly they try,
you trickle through their fingers.

We are two leaves, I say.
Dancing with each other
on the surface of a stream.

Eyes glistening,
he sways his head.

You are right. And wrong.
I am the leaf.
And I am the stream.

He nods, biting his lips,
hands clenched, head down,
closing the door.

You didn’t get it.
I am not leaving.
I am everywhere.

But water is
what your love is.

There’s a raindrop caught in your eyelashes

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

I want to be ~
~ the graffiti tattooed into your eyelids
~ the moan that became your tinnitus
~ the name that became your moan

Surrender to ~
~ the one you unashamedly expose your most clandestine dreams to
~ the realm where you can be priest, kitten, or whore
~ the earthquake shaking your knees until you plunge into me

May you find riots and rest in ~
~ the one delicately plucking your shell apart like rose petals
~ the tsunami washing your heart’s intestines ashore
~ the reason you fall and rise so hard you forget all your troubles (and your name)

For this empire holds ~
~ the reason you lose your past and shame
~ the opiate lullaby in your veins finally granting you sleep
~ your Quing.


Senin gözün nadir; siyah bir inci.
Sonsuz kara sevdanın kopkoyu renkleri pırıldar.
İçinde taşır denizin tuzlu nemini.
Kah okşar dalgalar gözünün penceresini,
kah deler geçer, güçlü dalgalar.

Eine seltene schwarze Perle ist dein Auge.
Dunkel schimmert seiner unendlichen Melancholie Farbe.
Im Innern trägt es das salzige Nass des Meeres.
Mal rühren Wellen sanft an sein Fenster,
mal bricht ein Sturm heraus.

A rare black pearl is your eye.
Darkly glowing with its endless melancholy’s colour.
Cradling the sea’s salty waters inside.
Its window sometimes caressed by the waves,
sometimes burst by a storm.

Photo by Ava Sol on Unsplash

Oh! let me see
what you see in her
take my hand and
trace all details that
amaze you about her

Share feast or thought
just keep that door
slightly open for me
to peak into you.

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Photo by Jakob Rubner on Unsplash

Whispered bird songs hidden
in the bushes’ naked branches
ships humming their deep bass
into the river (or is it my heart)

people walking their ugly dogs
blokes having one of their rare
nice weather runs in overpriced gear
supposedly woke e-bike douches

and the wind telling tales of You
as the trees dance along.

Photo by Cata on Unsplash

When she speaks
about her passions
do not ask a single thing.

Make her feel unseen.
That’s how to kill her spark.
That’s how to mute her.

In response to Niken Afifah’s her world.

Pandora’s guillotine
Photo by Mika on Unsplash

Damn you, Zeus! Everytime
you got your walls down
I got my hopes up

soon to have Pandora cut
Elpis’ wings down with
a word-shaped guillotine


In response to Nyaalo Mia’s prompt “Thrust” on Chalkboard, and my companion’s piece Sleep, Enlil.

Photo by Anthony Intraversato on Unsplash

You know what.
I told you I’m not saying this often.
I’m not going to.
But I need to right now.
Because just right now,
while I was focusing on a task at work
that feeling struck me again like a bolt of lightning.

You got peanut butter on your forehead.

Also: I love you.

Gianna Brachetti🐙Truskawa

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